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Voices for Veterans
Serving Veterans in MA and Nationally

Homelessness is about disconnection.

Music is about connection. 

The Voices for Veterans concert series connects homeless organizations, celebrity advocates, local musicians and people like you to end veteran homelessness. We are using music and art to dispel myths, show support, and foster action to end veteran homelessness once and for all. Regional concerts and events have included artists such as Ringo Starr, Steve Earle, Adam Ezra Group, Smokey Robinson & Mario Frangoulis. Most of our activity is focused on serving veterans in Massachusetts and Missouri but work with partners nationally. With These Hands, we can end veteran homelessness. 


Beyond concerts, Voices for Veterans includes the following:


Raise Awareness

Raise awareness of the homeless veterans and their families living in Missouri through TV PSAs, social media, radio, and print. 

Watch a PSA now!

Raise Funds

Raise money for Voices for Veterans.

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Furniture Donation

Partner with The Mission Continues Platoon to source furniture for veteran families moving into new homes.

View the pictures!

Congressional Resolution

Engage political leaders in a non-binding, bi-partisan Congressional resolution emphasizing the importance of housing our veterans. Note: H.Res. 211 was introduced to the House of Representatives.

Read the resolution!

Veterans' Benefits Hotline

Partner with Finkelstein & Partners to launch a benefits hotline for veterans & resource guide.

View the telephone number & guide!

NE Center for Homeless Veterans

Our concerts have helped provide permenant supportive housing for homeless veterans through the NE Center for Homeless Veterns

Read about the organization!





Our live events were on hold due to COVID-19. Look for our next event in Fall, 2023.


Details to come!



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